My First Love Towards Music

Alexis first encounter with her love for music was from her grandmother

Life is funny “I felt so blessed and privileged to be on this beautiful campus but you could always find me listening to music nonstop, developing my writing skills or in the practice rooms wanting to be somewhere else.” My junior year I was chosen to sing in Rome at the Vatican for the Pope, and at that moment I never felt more alive. Music is one of those things where you sometimes choose to let it be a dream or risk it all for your passion. Her senior year of college is where all that changed. One of her close friends passed away tragically, and “I remember singing at the mass Amazing Grace in front of all my friends and his family.”  Singing in that church and seeing how a few songs had made such an impact on people so close to me. When I went to the service my friend’s father came up to me and said, “your voice is incredible and you’re crazy to not pursue that professionally”.

 I remember thinking to myself here is this father who just lost his son, and he was so grateful and moved just by me sharing my gift with him. That was what I found so fascinating about music. No matter where you come from, no matter what your background or beliefs music can for a moment alter someone’s pain and take them to a happier place, and I knew deep down that was my purpose in life to help others and create music that had an impact on people emotionally.

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